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Core Dump - Work In Progress

Episode 86

May 1, 2000 : Bad luck

Time flies, but so does data

What have I been doing, you might well ask. I have been busy, as mentioned before, but something else happened. My harddisk (MSX) stopped working, and the last backup is at least half a year old. I've been in contact with Rinus Stoker about this but still haven't had the time to go and see him. Maybe he can help.

My harddisk contains the whole of Core Dump except for the music. Basically it comes down to this: if I can't get the data back, the Core Dump project might well end here. I could theoretically work from the backup, but that would set me back a lot more than half a year. Not to mention what it does for morale.

(This has happened quite some time ago, and is partially the reason for the absence of new diary entries.)

I thought about this site. We all hate does dying websites, don't we? Where half of the links stop working, and images disappear, the "what's new?" section hasn't been updated since 1985...

You know me. I've tried to come up with a solution.

A new function

This site will change, and will have changed when you are reading it. Whatever happens to the Core Dump project has no consequences for my decision.

This site will no longer be actively updated, that's for sure. I simply don't have the time. But because of the diary, funny stuff and the downloads, I officially pledge to keep this site online. Let's face it, I wasn't doing Parallax stuff a lot lately anyway, so now it's official.

This site will turn into the Parallax Nostalgia site, and will remain online as long as I can keep it online. I will remove the "what's new?" section, the guestbook, and some other things. I will remove all external links, so you won't get any "404 file not found" errors. I've put a search engine into the main page, making it easier to find your favourite diary entry. I assume you have one. I might be wrong.

I've written a short explanation of the new function of this site.

Some day you might want to explain someone why you still keep that old MSX computer in your basement, or want to explain that in the old days, programmers had a whopping 3.58 Mhz under their control.

Then search for "msx parallax" and return here. We won't go away.

Looking back

My girlfriend Yen-Ha asked how I felt about letting the Parallax activities go, because they have played an important part in my life. Well, I actually feel pleased that I can turn this site into something new. Parallax was important for me, but gradually my attention turned towards other things. Now, after running Parallax for eleven years, I feel my job is somehow "done".

I loved doing the diary for the whole period, but I guess that shows through. I got some heart-warming feedback from readers, some of them not even owning MSX computers.

I grew up on MSX. Winning that stupid contest when I was fourteen years old definitely changed the course of my life. But maybe I would have found other ways. It has certainly taught me a lot, and I got a lot of pleasure out of it.

I hope this Nostalgia site will still sometimes be visited, and possibly even enjoyed.

Looking forward

Core Dump. It depends on the state of my harddisk. I would hate it when it wouldn't get finished, but it is not completely in my hands. Much of its spirit is (luckily) contained in this diary.

My heart really lies with creation, and I will continue to create things.


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