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Core Dump - Work In Progress

Episode 20

May 1, 1997: Plotting (3)

I rethought the plot. Not that it has changed much, but I've been filling in the details. I've been reading a lot of Clive Barker lately and must admit he's pretty brilliant. So expect a few influences there.

I'm not sure if anyone is aware of the plot of Black Cyclon, but what really happened was this: a long time ago I sketched the rough outline of the plot for an adventure game (!) which was to be called "Akin - book one". The plot revolved around four people who where the result of biomechanical experiments, and the attempt of one of the designers to sell these people to the highest bidder. If you complete Magnar, you'll see a message: "See you again in Akin!". What was meant there was the adventure/RPG game. As we all know now, I never made that game.

But when the time came to make Black Cyclon, I figured I could use bits of that plot. And so I did. I mixed a very basic version of the old Akin plot with the ending and story of Magnar, and the Black Cyclon plot was born.

The name "Akin" was stuck in my head however. So I used that for a different game with a different plot (what is now known as Akin). And the complete story of the Akin RPG was never used.

And now, returning to Core Dump, I decided I could use parts of the Akin RPG story to add to the Core Dump story. That means more characters, more sub-plots, and generally more atmosphere. Expect to see Eric Frey return in Core Dump, along with his trusty sidekick Earl D. Squirrel!

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